If you are looking for a reading or math tutor, I think I know how you feel.

You know, in your heart, that your child is bright:

  • She is curious, inventive and creative.
  • He tells amazing stories.
  • She wants to do well in school.
  • He is trying so hard!
  • Why is she not thriving, even soaring?!
  • Why does the teacher keep saying he needs to try harder, when you know he is working harder than most of his peers?
  • Why can she know her math facts or spelling words before bed (after drilling on them over and over) and have totally forgotten them in the morning?
  • He was reading so well at first, but now, he seems to have hit a wall.

What is going on?  What can you do?  Is there help available?

Yes, help is available.  These are the students I specialize in: bright, curious kids who are having to work harder than seems reasonable to succeed in school, and are possibly not succeeding in spite of all their efforts.  They are trying, the parents are trying, the teacher is trying, but they are not thriving.  I invite you to explore this site, and see if you think I can help your child.  At any time, feel free to contact me for a free consultation.  I may be able to suggest things you can do for your child at home, and we can explore if my services may be able to help your student and allow him or her to achieve their full potential.