Math Facts Intensive

Is your 4th or 5th grader stuck on their multiplication facts?
Here’s the help you’ve been looking for!

Dreams Unlocked Tutoring presents Math Facts Intensive

Quick Facts:

  • Runs from January 11 – May 11
  • Small group (4 students max)
  • Facts will be memorized using a visualization technique called “9 Lines” (developed by David Berg of Making Math Real)
  • Developing fluency with facts requires repetition, but it will not be rote recitation or worksheet “drill and kill”! Games and activities will make practicing fun and engaging!
  • Facts will be grounded in an understanding of the concept of multiplication
  • Multiplication and division facts will be covered
  • Instruction will include how to utilize facts to mentally calculate Greatest Common Factor and estimate long division quotients.
  • 30 Sessions for only $750 (payment schedules can be arranged)

    Call Kris to reserve your child’s spot today!