Math Facts

Fluency in math is just as important as it is in reading.  If a student can easily access math facts from his or
her memory, there is more mental energy available to grasp the 9 lines.3problem and work out the solution.  If the brain is busy counting or using other “tricks” to figure out basic facts, it may even forget what the actual problem is. Calculators can be useful, but they interrupt the thinking process as well.  Fluency is always best and it can be achieved with the right kind of tutoring.

The secret is teaching students to visualize facts in an organized way, and practice accessing that picture regularly.  There are so many fun ways to practice…games, puzzles…no flash card marathons here!  We know kids learn better when they are having fun, and this math tutor likes to have fun right along with them!

I will teach parents how to practice with their child at home, as well.  Why would we keep all the fun to ourselves?