Phonemic Awareness Activities

Here are just a few ideas to get you started.  Remember, phonemic awareness is about sounds, not letters.  If you do an internet search for phonemic awareness activities, you will get a lot of ideas that are actually phonics, so be careful.  Click here for some books you can get that are full of phonemic awareness activities to do with your child.


Count words in a sentence:

  • Place a blocks (or any manipulative) in a row, one block for each word, as he repeats sentences of 3-6 words after you.
  • Hop once for each word in a sentence.


Count Syllables in words:

  • Do similar activities to count syllables in words: clap for each syllable, hop for each syllable, use blocks to count syllables.
  • If your child can count and recognize numerals, sort pictures by the number of syllables in the word that names the picture (matching the pictures to the appropriate numeral.)
  • Count the syllables in the names of the family and all the friends and neighbors you can think of.  If you have pictures, you could sort the pictures.


Rhyme practice:

  • Read books with lots of rhyming words.  Once child is familiar with a book, read it again, pausing before the second word in a rhyme set and let the child fill in the blank.
  • Sort pictures into piles that rhyme. (to make sorting games more active, put the piles far apart, so child has to run/walk back a forth to put the pictures in the piles.)
  • See how many words you can make that rhyme with______. (you can allow made-up words on this one….nonsense words are great  for phonemic awareness.)(Thank you, Dr. Seuss!)