Reading Tutor in Reno, NV

Are you wondering what is going on? Why is reading or spelling such a struggle?

If you have already worked with other reading tutors and you’re still not seeing improvement, your child may have dyslexia or a similar learning disability.

You may not have been thinking “dyslexia” when you started looking for a spelling or reading tutor.  However, dyslexia is the most common cause of reading and spelling difficulties.  One in five people has dyslexia, to one degree or another.  Interestingly, difficulty with spelling is commonly the first indication of dyslexia.  Reading difficulties often show up later.  Very bright children can often find ways to compensate and work around their challenges for years, but will eventually get to a point where their compensation strategies are not enough to keep up with the reading demands they are faced with in higher grades or in their careers.

The great news is, your child can learn!  The key is to find the right kind of spelling and reading tutoring.  His or her “disability” lies in their difficulty in processing language at the phonological level which is unexpected in light of their intelligence and proven abilities in other areas.  And, YES! Help is available!!  I have extensive training and experience providing effective tutoring to children with reading and spelling challenges.

Check out the signs of dyslexia and see if that sounds like your child.  (Most people are surprised at some of the symptoms that are on that list!)

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Reading Tutor in Reno working with dyslexic child