Tutoring and Pilates


I recently decided to take Pilates lessons.  I am so bad at anything that requires physical coordination and strength, that I require private lessons, or tutoring, if you will (that is NOT me in the picture).  I am currently struggling to accomplish PRE-pilates tasks with any degree of success.  UGH!  I am tempted to quit, but I paid for the lessons in advance, so I may as well keep going.  (That was a strategic decision!)  My instructor is encouraging and believes I am improving and that I will someday be able to do real Pilates and enjoy it.  We’ll see…

What does this confession have to do with reading?  Well, it has a lot to do with me understanding how my students feel when I require them to read and spell…something that is difficult for them and not their strength.  Most of my students could do advanced Pilates at their first class, because physical coordination is a strength of theirs.  But, I realize when they come to tutoring, it feels to them like me going to Pilates.  I realize they spend their whole days at school being asked to do tasks outside their strength zone, which can be exhausting.  I look forward to showing them that, although Reading and Spelling aren’t their natural strengths (like Pilates isn’t mine) that they CAN lean to do it, and even enjoy it (just like I WILL learn to do and enjoy Pilates!)

*photo credit: Gabika Pilates