She’s just that good!

Kris is so patient and I’ve never seen her tutor Kayleigh without a smile.  However, I wouldn’t only recommend Kris based on how good she is with kids.  I would recommend her based on the results that we have seen with our daughter.


My daughter Kayleigh began tutoring with Kris in the second grade.   Kayleigh was doing alright on her spelling tests, but had no retention for spelling in her everyday writing.    After she began tutoring, we began to see improvement over time, but the most convincing evidence that Kris had really taught Kayleigh to spell was when Kayleigh placed fourth in the fourth grade spelling contest.  She had not studied for it at all.    I asked her how she did so well and she told me that she used the rules and techniques that Kris had taught her.


We were so sad to lose Kris to Las Vegas, but Kayleigh will continue to tutor with her on-line.    She’s just that good!


Jeanette Blight