Number One Tip To Help Child Struggling With Reading At Home

Stop Struggling with Reading

My number one tip for parents of a child struggling with reading is always read TO them.  I know it sounds simple, but it is powerful.  Children struggling with reading do not tend to choose to read for relaxation.  At school, they are reading books below their intelligence level due to their inability to decode unknown words.  This can result in stunted vocabulary development.  So, when you read to your children, be sure to read books at their intelligence level, not their reading level.  Snuggle up together and read and discuss a book they are interested in.  This fosters a love of learning and exploring, and won’t feel like homework.  Perhaps you are a someone who struggles with reading yourself.  This is common as dyslexia does run in families!  If this is the case, then use an audio book and snuggle up together to listen to it, stopping often for discussion.  Or, watch educational TV shows together. 
Just keep feeding that curious mind, and make it FUN!