What Parents (and kids) are saying

First week of school comments, August 2015:

“I can’t believe how well [our 4th grade son] is reading.  It has been less than a year, and he’s gone from struggling with short, one syllable words, to reading words with several syllables.  Progress is amazing!!”

 Todd C, Las Vegas, NV


“[our 3rd grade daughter] is doing SO WELL!  I helped her with her homework last night, and she only needed help spelling one word!”

Mark H, Las Vegas, NV,


“I am the best student at math in my class because of your good teaching”

Second Grade student, considered for retention due to math struggles at theend of First Grade

“This is going to be the best year of school ever!”

Fourth Grader who has been with me for 8 months


“I gave [Thrid Grade daughter]  a little spelling quiz before school today. She got stumped on one of the words and mumbled (to herself) ‘Oh, that’s a balloon!'” [to determine whether to write b or d]

Jessica S (daughter is already applying what she has learned to help with  school spelling list after only 3 reading/spelling lessons)